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Churchy ICT Solutions

We Equip Every Church & Ministry All Over The World With Engagement-Driven Technology For Discipleship.

Trusted By Churches, Ministries & Fellowships

Our Churchy ICT solutions help them spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God and manage daily Church activities.

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Churchy Data Analysis

Analysis of Church data to gain important information, insights, and trends.

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Churchy Web Development

Responsive Churchy web development with cross-browser compatibility.

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Churchy Mobile Apps

Development of Churchy mobile apps with the best user experience design.

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Churchy Social Adverts

Creation of Churchy ads to spread the Good News of JESUS CHRIST to the world.

What We Do

We develop Churchy ICT solutions that target to bring more souls back to God and facilitate various Church management activities.

It is our pleasure to see that all types of Churches create the online presence and utilize the power of technology to engage with the community and keep it closer to God than ever before.

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Our Vision

Equipping Every Church & Ministry All Over The World With Engagement-Driven Technology For Discipleship.

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Our Mission

Using Technology To Bring More Souls Back To The Creator.

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Why Choose Us

Here's why you should choose our Churchy ICT solutions:

We make sure that our Churchy ICT solutions are easy to use and have the best user experience design.

We always ensure that the mission of bringing more souls back to God is our priority, thus our prices are affordable and negotiable.

We provide the lifetime support for all of our Churchy ICT solutions thus system's sustainability is assured.

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Perfect Control & Security

Our Churchy ICT solutions allow you and your Church staff to have complete control of data while ensuring:

  • Confidentiality, access of data is only to intended people.
  • Authenticity, correct origin of data is identified.
  • Integrity, content of data should remain unchanged over time.
  • Availability, data is always available to intended people.

Manage Churchy ICT Tasks Easily By Choosing Our Professional Team

The team of experts in Churchy IT solutions, security, and consultancy.

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