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We Long To Help Your Church Create More & Better Disciples Of Jesus Christ By Using Engagement-Driven Technology.

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Churchy Web Development

Responsive Churchy web development with cross-browser compatibility that involves coding, design and layout of a website according to specifications of the Church.

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Churchy Data Analysis

Analysis and interpretation of Church data then analyze results using statistical techniques to provide ongoing reports and to gain important information, insights, and trends.

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Churchy IT Security

Assess current situation of Church system's security, implementing security measures, and securing the IT infrastructure, monitoring systems for security breaches, and responding to cyber-attacks.

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Churchy IT Support

Investigate, diagnose, and solve complex technical software and hardware problems alongside collaborating with Church staff members to assist them with their technical requirements.

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Churchy Mobile Applications

Development of Churchy mobile apps that involves to create, maintain, and implement the source code on the mobile platform programs that meet the needs and requirements of the Church.

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Churchy Systems Integration

Combination of subsystems into one integrated solution and enable the subsystems to share data in real-time while automating business-critical processes.

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Churchy IT Consultancy

Identify user needs, build programs, test out, make improvements of software, and provide strategic guidance regarding technology and IT infrastructure to meet Church objectives.

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Churchy Social Adverts

Creation of Churchy ads by combining marketing and social media management skills to architect and enhance Churchy social media presences to spread the Good News of JESUS CHRIST to the world.

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